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wix logo maker review logo generator process
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Wix Logo Maker Review : Best Free Logo Design Tool For Businesses​

Startups are growing like wildfire these days and so are their branding needs. But, Is a startup or small business in a position to pay top dollar for their design requirements? The answer is ‘NO‘ in most of the cases. 

On this note, let’s make way for Wix Logo Maker, the best free logo design tool in the market today. Unlike most of the other logo makers in the market, wix offers many features as well as extended support while designing a logo. Such options are not available with other online logo makers, until you use their paid version. Well, not the case with wix logo maker certainly, which offers an amazing design experience for absolutely FREE.

Owing to its broad range of features and ease of use to customers, wix logo maker has completely revolutionized the design field. Many small businesses or startups are looking for free logo design services and don’t wish to spend a lot on graphics initially. Wix offers the best of the options here, you get access to their suite of logo design tools to kickstart your branding, and you’ve the option to spend as much as you need. You can either go for their paid service and download high quality graphic files if you’re willing to spend for your design or you can just use their design platform to make and download a logo design for free. (with resolution limitations) 

Wix is habitual of reinventing the way things work. Previously, they made a mark with their unique and super advanced Wix Website Builder that is hailed as one of the best website building tool in the industry today.

Our Wix Logo Maker Review : A Walk-through Guide

Wix logo maker has a pretty user friendly approach. When you begin using the wix logo platform, it does not take you to the logo maker directly, instead it throws a few questions at you, which are meant to understand about your logo requirement.

wix logo maker review free logo generator process 1
Enter Your Company Name & Tagline

It first asks about your brand or business, the name as well as a tagline or a message your brand uses to explain your business values or motto. Pretty simple step to get your brandname that would show in all the logo designs the platform would suggest you. You’ve the option to edit this later as well.

wix logo maker review free logo creator process 2
Enter Your Business Industry

Once through, you get the option to select your business industry. This is a key step because this is where wix logo maker zeroes down on your business niche basically and then starts to suggest logo templates that maybe relevant to your business type. 

The kind of options you get to choose your business industry from may leave you overwhelmed as they are way too many. But this gives you an idea about how vast is the applicability of the logo maker by wix in terms of providing a custom the logo design according to an industry.

wix logo maker review free online logo maker process 3
Choose The Look & Feel

One of our most favorite steps in the logo making process was the next one. They give you an option to describe your business and the look & feel you want your logo to convey.

From Dynamic to Playful to Modern to Creative to Hipster, you have plenty of options to choose from. It is worthy to note that the logo maker would suggest you logo templates based on these characteristics you pick, so be thoughtful before you make the choices.

wix logo maker review free online logo creator process 5
Choose Multiple Styles For Your Logo

Once you’re through with this selection, the logo maker throws another set of choices your way. This logo maker just doesn’t get tired.

You’re presented with different logos in various styles and you’re asked to pick your favorites from them so that the logo maker can suggest you relevant logo templates in the next step.

wix logo maker review free logo generator online process 7
Choose Where You Wish To Use The Logo

The next section consolidates all your requirements in one go. Over here you get complete control over your brand identity. You can pick the elements you’d need your design on, and you’re good to move ahead. 

This section lists most of the items or places you’d need to have your branding in, such as website, merchandise, billboards, etc. The bigger the printing area, the better version of design files you’ll need, viz. SVG and Vector types. For most small resolution uses, a PNG or JPG file would suffice.

wix logo maker review free logo maker online process 8
Logo Template Suggestions By Wix Logo Maker

With those last set of choices, the showtime began and we were presented with amazing logo templates with our brandname and tagline. We kept scrolling through the page and the options kept on adding every time the page of options ended.

We were thoroughly impressed with the wide range of logo designs that were proposed to us by the logo maker. We went ahead and made one choice, to further refine the design of the logo template.

wix logo maker review logo maker online free process 9
Logo Design We Liked

We picked this design because we loved the way the alphabet ‘C’ synchronized with our brand name and image. You can see the various design options you get at this stage on the left hand side. Color Palette, Text Size and Fonts, Choice of Icons, Shapes to Add & Background Color Tweaks. There are numerous options to customize the logo as much as you want.

wix logo maker review logo generator online free process 10
Logo Design On Website

You slide right and you can see how the logo would look on a website. We loved this feature offered by the wix logo maker wherein we could see the logo design in multiple places where it was to be used. On the left hand side, you can see the Text section being selected, where you can modify the font style and size for both the brand name as well as the tagline.

wix logo maker review logo creator online free process 11
Logo Design On Mobile

Going another right scroll, we saw how our logo would look on a mobile site and it gives you a clear idea of how your brand looks on multiple channels. The icon setting on the left side gives you the option to control the size and positioning of the logo you’ve chosen for your design. You can also add another logo of your choice from their logo library if you want to, by clicking the ADD button on top of screen here.

wix logo maker review logo creator free online process 12
Logo Design On Business Card

The next scroll gives you a display of your super awesome logo design on a business card. At this stage we decided to be a little more creative and added a semi-transparent circle on the back of our logo to experiment with the look from the Shapes menu item on the left hand side.

wix logo maker review logo creator free online process 13
Logo Design On T-Shirt

And the final scroll gives you the option to see your logo on a T-Shirt that gives you an idea of how your favorite logo is going to look on a merchandise. We also tweaked with the logo background color and came out with a decent logo design. 

This is the last scroll option and you can go back and forth between multiple editing options on the left hand side to product a logo design that best suits your expectations. You can now click the NEXT button in the top right to go to the next step.

wix logo maker review logo creator free online process 14
Wix Platform Offerings

The next window provides you the best that Wix has to offer. As we all know Wix is primarily known for its amazing user friendly website builder. This window gives you the choice to pick the solution that you want.

You can either just Get Your Logo Design or you can Get Your Logo Design along with Wix Website Hosting included. 

Most of the people who are starting out with a logo maker are also looking for web hosting services. This is where Wix ups the game by providing you a very attractive bundle offering. To find out the wix logo maker cost, we headed over to the next section.

Wix Logo Maker Cost : How Much To Pay ?

This was the best part of the deal in our opinion. As mentioned before, Wix offers you the flexibility to choose what you want to pay or if you don’t want to pay at all.

A Basic Logo Download would cost you $20 in which you’ll receive full usage rights of the logo design as well as the eight multi color standard logo files in PNG format(original, black and white, monochrome, etc.) that are ideal for online use and can be used as per your requirement.

An Advanced Logo Download would cost you $50 and you’ll also receive the high resolution SVG and Vector files that you can use for printing on billboards, signages, merchandise like caps, t-shirts, etc. Along with that you receive a complete social media logo kit in which you receive pre-sized logos for use on multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The logo & website by wix option is best for those who plan to set up their business website as well. You get a FREE domain for one year, access to the advanced Wix Website Builder and web hosting for your domain on Wix platform for a competitive price of $16/mo. You don’t have to pay $20 or $50 to download your logo in this case and it comes FREE with the package.

wix logo maker cost logo creator free online process 15
Wix Pricing Tiers For Logo Download

We’ve been discussing all through that wix logo maker is a free logo design tool but we’ve been talking dollars, doesn’t match right? This is where you can collect freebies.

If you’re just starting out and don’t wish to spend on your logo design, you don’t need to spend a dime. If the logo design is just for inspiration and you’d be passing on the draft to a freelance logo designer for further refinement, or if the logo you made was just for a one off side project, you get the option to download a logo for free, with resolution limitations.

wix logo creator free download
Free Logo Sample By Wix

This logo is the true size downloaded from Wix and its limited to a resolution of 198 x 198 pixels. It would look unpleasant if you try to use a size bigger than this. A logo this size, is good enough only to use as a small display icon on social media profiles. So the applicability is very limited.

Wix Logo Maker : The Pros & Cons

Wix logo maker is one of the many logo makers available in the market, so what should be the basis to go with it. Let’s explore a few pros of this logo maker.

1. The first and foremost plus point is that Wix Logo Maker is integrated with Wix Platform, so it consolidates all your online tools in one place which can help you be efficient.

2. Being on the same platform, there would be no mismatch or compatibility issues between the wix website builder and the logo maker.

3. Wix is established as a market leader already so you can always expect to receive great customer support and top of the line services at all times.

Talking about cons, there aren’t many because this logo maker is a wonderful package in itself. But there certainly are a couple of cons that maybe of concern to a few users.

1. Being with Wix platform creates a stickiness and you may face trouble, shoud you plan to migrate your website to a different web host in the future.

2. The pricing of $16/mo. could be a little steep for a few businesses. Wix offers a premium hosting service so its bound to be a little costly as it comes with a lot of features you can make good use of. But an average startup business could do well even with a shared hosting service priced between $5-$10.

Wix Logo Maker Review : The Final Verdict

The intelligent logo maker also understands that everyone is not a pro, or great at graphic designs, so designing a good logo can be a daunting task for them. Wix steps up over here as well by providing you a very intuitive logo maker that takes into account all the details provided by you and assists you along the way to make your experience seamless. From font styles to logo icons, to color schemes, to adding custom shapes, you can do it all at the touch of a button. Generating fabulous logo designs is a child’s play.

All these qualities make Wix one of the most affordable option to get a logo for your business and website. The interface is user friendly and thus anybody with even zero design skills can take a dig at this unique logo maker and create beautiful logos. Of all the online logo makers available in the market, this one definitely deserves a try due to its unique offering and customer first approach.

If you’re already using the Wix Platform for hosting, you should definitely give their logo maker a try as its Free for you. If you’re looking for a bundled hosting solution, Wix turns out to be a perfect choice in that case as well.

We’d love to hear what you think about our Wix Logo Maker Review. Please drop in your own Wix reviews and comments in the section below.

Wix Logo Maker Review
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Wix Logo Maker Review

Wix Logo Maker is a free to use online logo design tool which is based on the famous Wix Website Builder Platform. It offers advanced logo design features along with free download. Customers can use it to create beautiful logos without having any prior design experience.

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  1. Now that’s a pretty comprehensive guide. Thanks guys. I just needed a quick logo and got my job done using wix logo maker free download option. You surely saved me a couple hundred of dollars. The keg’s on me !

  2. I tried tailorbrands and wix logo maker. Both are nice. Wix offered a free download so I’ll recommend this one.

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