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Designhill Review

Designhill is one of the newest but fast upcoming design marketplaces for sourcing any kind of graphic design. They offer both one-to-one designer service as well as design contest feature on their platform. They recently launched a logo maker also which is a paid tool. Since you’re going to spend money even if you get a design by using a logo maker it would be a safer bet to go for a logo design contest and spend your money wisely.

Their primary offering is the design contest platform where customers from all across the world come together to post design requirements which are fulfilled by freelance graphic designers registered with their platform. Designhill used to be one of the most affordable design contest platforms and even today is one of the  most affordable design contest platforms. They raised their pricing recently which made them the 2nd most affordable design platform, the most pocket friend being 48hourslogo.

History of Designhill

Designhill came to existence in late 2014, when brothers Rahul Aggarwal & Varun Aggarwal decided to form this company. According to them, they faced an issue themselves while sourcing a design for their requirement and that’s when they came up with the idea to fill the market gap by launching Designhill. The response to their platform was overwhelming, and the site grew very popular in a short span of time. Designhill is based out of India and has a regional office in United States. Not one of the biggest sites, still they boast of a having over 40K designers on their platform and having served 50K plus customers. They’ve grown their base considerably and have been producing satisfying results for the customers.

Design Contest Process

Designhill is very similar to other design contest sites in terms of process. The site is simple and straightforward. The design options are plenty and you’ve to choose what you’re looking for. You can also go with a one-to-one project after seeing the portfolio of the registered designers. For design contest the process is very simple and as follows.

Design Submissions Begin : You decide the duration of your design contest. (Usually 24 hours to 7 days). We’d advise you go for minimum 2-7 days and stay away from a 1 day only contest because many designers won’t even get the notification in time to take part in the design contest due to their location being in different timezones. Designhill informs you about the expected number of designs you’d receive for your design contest.

When the design submissions begin pouring in, you can start giving feedback to the participating designers. This helps you eliminate the entries that you don’t think fit your requirement and choose only the ones you like. You may ask for revisions or tweaks in the designs that you like in real time. Once the contest gets over, you’ve time to pick a contest winner or you can even pick a winner during the run of the design contest. You get 7-14 days for this after your contest comes to an end.

Select a winner : Like we said above, at any given point before the contest comes to an end, you have the option to choose a final winner from the design submissions. From the moment you finalize a winner, you have seven days to request changes and finalize the design. You also have the option to buy any other design from the contest for a price of $99, which also starts a one-to-one job with the designer.

Design Handover : You’ve 14 days after the contest gets over, to finalize any changes you need in the final design. These two weeks are the buffer time basically for you to get your final tweaks on your chosen final design. You take the ownership of the designs, and the designer sends you high quality files in multiple file formats as per your requirement, such as jpeg, png, ai, psd, etc. At this time you also have the option to choose more winners if you like more than one designs in your contest and want to declare a second winner as well. You decide their winning prize money and take home their design and copyrights as well. Once the process is complete, the designers get paid the prize money.

99designs VS Designhill

Doing a 99designs vs Designhill comparison is very tough as both these design contest sites are the most popular today. Even though Designhill is just a few years old, it has earned a lot of respect in the industry and carved their own niche.

Talking of comparing these two crowdsourcing platforms, 99designs takes a huge leap by having more than 1.4 Million registered freelance graphic designers while Designhill is having just around 62,000 designers registered with them. Moreover, the registered designer base with 99designs is global while Designhill has mostly sub-asian designers registered with their platform.

Being not based in the West, there may be language barriers while dealing with designers or customer support. But in our assessment, their support was extremely friendly and enthusiastic to help us out.

Pricing wise, 99designs takes a lead by having the best possible logo design contest priced at $299. Designhill has a contest priced at $199 which might be a little less as compared to the former and another contest priced at $399 which might be a little more expensive as compared to the designhill alternatives. This may leave you in a tight spot and make it hard to decide what option to choose.

Our suggestion would be to go with 99designs if you don’t have a budget more than $300 & to go with Designhill if you’re willing to add an extra premium to receive better quality designs. Both options are at par and make a good choice for getting a logo design or any other type of graphic design.

Designhill Pricing

The designhill pricing structure for design contests can confuse you a little bit. They’ve an entry level design contest for just $199 but then again they say that you may receive only about 20 designs using this contest.

Moreover, we observed that the designs in their second tier contest which is priced $399, were far better than the $199 contest submissions. Probably due to the quality of designers participating in the design contest.

Going with the better option here sets you back by around $100+ as compared to the nearest designhill competitors like 99designs, crowdspring, designcontest and designcrowd. With all four of them priced around $300 for an entry level design contest. Designhill’s offering takes a hit here.


  • Logo contests start from as low as $199, so you can go for a cheap design contest which is very affordable as compared to the industry.
  • Brief process is quite elaborative and helps you out fairly in moving along the design process.
  • Free design consultation and 24/7 chat support for customers can sort out most of your hurdles regarding your design contest.
  • Option to leave feedback and interact with the designers in real time helps you in getting the best results.
  • 100% money back guarantee, on most of the design packages (unless you opto for a “guaranteed contest” in which case it doesn’t apply).


  • The overwhelming number of options on the website may leave a user a little confused.
  • The better priced design contest option at $399 is expensive than most designhill competitors.
  • They’ve lesser designers than many of their competitors which means that you may get less response as compared to other design platforms.

Designhill Alternatives

If you’re willing to go for a lower priced design contest, 48hourslogo is your best pick with starting price of $128 which is a super cheap design contest price.

Most of the the Designhill Competitors have a starting range around $300 mark where Designhill is not offering a package as we discussed above.

You could go with DesignContest priced at $275, DesignCrowd priced at $279(with Comparingly Exclusive Coupon), CrowdSpring priced at $274(with Comparingly Exclusive Coupon), or the industry’s best design crowdsourcing site 99designs priced at $299.

All these options are cheaper than the $399 offering of Designhill and thus you end up saving $100+ on a similar quality logo design.

Designhill Coupon

While we write this designhill review, a special designhill coupon is being offered by them exclusively to Comparingly visitors. You can get premium contest upgrades and advance promotions worth $100 using the designhill coupon code SPECIAL100.

Conclusion – Designhill Review

Designhill is a suitable option for most of your design requirements, but you’ve to remember that they’ve just started out fairly recently so you might find some options missing or still developing. All in all, the platform is definitely loaded with a lot of features and offerings and we’d definitely recommend having a free design consultation from their team as well. That kind of guidance makes your work easier and lays down the path for you to proceed rightly when getting a crowdsourced design.

Our review of Designhill is very positive. It offers great quality design options, their price point is pretty competitive as compared to other design industry giants if we take in account their $199 cheap design contest offering. Not one of the most great looking or thoroughly planned, but the work quality you receive topples all the other flaws that there may be.

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User Review
4.44 (9 votes)


  1. Service is easy to use Great customer service and good communication throughout the design process to keep the project going smoothly.

  2. responsive and helpful chat support function some very good designers on the platform and a good logo design workflow.

  3. This is a great concept to source designs. I wish there were a way to “tip” other designers who submitted multiple designs and were also great to work with, even though I didn’t end up awarding them with the contest.

    1. My experience with designhill was pretty fair tbh. They do have a very cluttered website, but it was value for money. They’ve a scope to grow but the price compensates for the same.

  4. Loved the process flexibility and the designs submitted The designers were very flexible hope to work in the future with Designhill and the designers.

  5. It was very hectic starting up a new company, and designhill took the burden of the logo off of my hands. thank you! i would highly recommend.

    1. I agree. Its a nice company with decent customer support. They helped me clear all my doubts and made sure my design contest was hassle free. Would definitely recommend them to my friends.

  6. My experience with designhill was perfect. I was first thinking of going with 99designs but I ended up going for the $199 package at designhill. I received about 42 designs and I picked my favorite logo from the lot. Ended up saving around $100 which I used to buy two marketing tools instead. Would definitely recommend designhill to my friends.

  7. If you compare designhill vs 99designs, 99designs wins by a fair margin. I’ve tried both these sites for sourcing designs for my clients. I’ve indeed saved some money by going with designhill, but the overall experience has always been better with 99designs. Their UI/UX beats every other design contest site hands down.

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