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Crowdspring Review

Being one of the veterans in the design contest sites category, Crowdspring has the 3rd largest designer base standing at more than 210K as of today. All of these are strictly vetted quality graphic designers. Getting a design crowdsourced from Crowdspring is a breeze. They offer a one to one service as well, wherein you could hire a logo designer right away. And they also offer the popular design contest format where you could hold a logo design competition and have multiple freelance logo designers participating. You receive hundreds of potential logo designs, and an opportunity to choose exactly what you think best suits your requirement. From logos for your business, to business card designs all the way till packaging or product design. They have a huge arsenal of 30+ design & branding categories.


History of Crowdspring

Crowdspring is one of the earliest design contest sites. Ross Kimbarovsky and Michael Samson co-founded Crowdspring in May 2007. Crowdspring later launched its online design marketplace in May 2008. It was revolutionizing at that time since nobody had dared to venture in the crowdsourcing space owing to the uncertainities about the industry model. They discovered that there was always a disconnect between clients who needed designers & freelance graphic designers. So they set their goal at connecting these two communities in the best possible way. You could they, they partly invented the crowdsourncing wheel. To date, their huge designer community from more than 190 countries has been instrumental in helping more than 60K businesses and entrepreneurs alike in sourcing the perfect designs through their crowdsourcing platfom.


Design Contest Process

Crowdspring believes in keeping it simple, one of the major plus points with their platform is that its very organized and easy for anyone to use.

  • The very first thing you could do is hire a one-to-one designer. Or you could choose and go for a design contest. You’ve to negotiate with the designers in the one-to-one process so its your choice if you want to start with a logo design contest instead and not spend time negotiating. For starters the designer hire service starts from $149 while for a basic logo design competition you need to spend around $299.
  • Next step is to create your design contest brief. This requires answering a lot of questions which they use to understand your requirement deeply. You can then fil up your business description as well as select color templates to give them details about your choice of colors for your design. Give as much details as possible because it only makes it easier for the graphic designers to give back better to you.
  • Once published, your contest notification floats to all the designers on the platform and they start working on their submissions according to your requirements, you can start offering your feedback to individual designs once they start flowing in.
  • Your search for the perfect logo design(in most cases), usually ends well in advance of the seven day limit of the design contest closing timeline. Once finalized, you can receive unlimited tweaks on your chosen final winning design entry. Once you approve the same, you will receive the final design with all the copyrights, while the designer will receive the prize money of the design contest.



  • Free design consultation for newbies to understand design process
  • Top ratings (The customers have given them full stars in most cases)
  • 7 day 24 hour support at your service through phone, chat and email
  • More than 210,000 strictly vetted graphic designers from more than 194 countries.
  • Thorough Design Brief process to understand your requirement
  • Free Custom Legal Contract, Privacy, NDA & Intellectual Property Protections
  • Industry-leading Tools (Focus Groups & Collaboration)
  • Moneyback guarantee ( if your contest held is not a “guaranteed contest”) 



  • Not any major fallout, but the pricing could’ve been a little lower. Pricing around $300 puts it against every other design contest site with no price advantage.



Our crowdspring review just concluded with one thing. This site is one of the best when you need to source a graphic design from design contest sites. The design brief process is very thorough and asks a lot of questions to you to understand your requirement. This feature is not present on many other competing platforms who mostly do away with just offering you template designs to understand what you like. Crowdspring on the other hand really tries to understand what you want.

They provide plenty of addons to make your design contest run extremely smooth. The pricing on the platform matches the average pricing in the industry so that also makes up for it. You could customize your contest experience, speed things up and even up your response rate from designers by using their platform features. The designer poolbase of 210K on Crowdspring makes it one of the best choice for you to get a great graphic design for yourself. Overall site quality being near perfect, their offering can be considered top of the lot.

Crowdspring currently offers an upfront discount deal of $25 OFF on your design contest if you’re a Comparingly visitor. It also allows you to receive FREE $99 worth of contest promotions to go along with your design contest.

So you get $299 + $99 = $398 design worth in just $299 – $25 = $274. We don’t need to tell you more!

Made up your mind. Click below to go to crowdspring and get your perfect logo design.Its time to give one of the best design contest sites a try.

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  1. I needed to reimagine my logos and design as I was expanding the areas of my professional service business. I did a one on one project with the designer ARSORUM who were simply fantastic – they took my complex brief and reimagined the design and approach very creatively. When I had questions the Crowdspring team were on hand and answered very fast and with great help. A fantastic end to end experience.

  2. Project was incredibly easy and we had so many great options to choose from. We were all skeptical of what we’d receive back, and we were absolutely thrilled with the submissions.

  3. Being a designer I can say, CrowdSpring is one of the best design contest site amongst the entire lot. They pay freelance logo designers like me the most. There are a few greedy platforms who keep more than half of design contest prize money and give the remaining to designers.

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