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logo contest site 99designs review best alternatives to 99designs coupon

99designs Review

99designs is the industry stalwart that gives you the best experience when we talk of design crowdsourcing. Their website has one of the best technology as well as platform performance when compared to most of its competitors. Using this website is super fun and easy, because the site gives you numerous design contest options to choose from. Whether its a one-to-one designer option or holding a logo design competition, your business can get their services at lightning fast speed.

99designs review alternatives

What is 99designs?

99designs is one of the most popular design contest platforms that boasts of having the maximum number of registered graphic designers. Their designer base is to the tune of 1.4 million, which is a huge number of designers, when you’re looking to crowdsource graphic design. They’ve multiple vetting procedures to rate and allow the designers to participate in the contests held on their website. No matter what kind of a graphic design contest you hold, you’ll receive umpteen number of design entries and you’ll be to choose the one that best suits your requirement giving you best value for your buck.

99designs Logos & History

99designs also came to existence in the same year as Crowdspring, 2008. It won’t be wrong to say these two companies are the forefathers of design crowdsourcing. A group of designers working at SitePoint realized they could take this concept of design competition online. Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle, worked along with Lachlan Donald and Paul Annesley, to create this site where designers came together as freelancers for hire and could connect to the worldwide fraternity through this online platform.

The idea was an instant hit, and designers started pouring in from all across the world. The designer community on 99designs as they claim, is close to 1.4 million and they’ve served over 350K businesses with rewarding graphic designs. The prime reason for the growth of 99designs is their love for design and their friendly approach to their clients as well as the freelancers on their portal.

How Does 99designs Work?

99designs is one of the easiest and most beautiful crowdsourcing sites we came across. Just three simple steps to follow and you’re in full control of your contest.

Submit a design brief : A design brief or generally logo design brief is your initial contact point with the designer base. You explain about your brand, the name, the values or tagline of your brand, the choice of color templates for your logo, the style of logo you want for your brand and many other details about the design you require. This process helps the designer fraternity understand your requirement completely. Whether you’re looking for a logo design or a business card design or even a product label design, this process connects you with the freelancers. Be as thorough as you could be, because this directly affects the success of your design contest.

Choose your designer : The design crowdsourcing platform will match you against numerous graphic designers who can address and fulfil your design requirement at this stage. Its your choice that you hire a graphic designer and get your work done or you choose to go for a design competition. A contest usually lasts anywhere between 1-7 days depending on the urgency specified by you. But having a contest for at least 7 days makes sure you’d receive great designs from almost all the designers who see your logo design brief and prepare a design submission. You can start giving feedback to the designers on their respective design entries. You can also eliminate the ones you don’t like. By the end of your contest you’ll have plenty of designs to choose from. You pick your final design, and can now work with the winning designer to perfect your logo design.

Final Design Tweaks : Once you’ve your perfect design finalized, you can get unlimited revisions in most case from the designer who delivered your favorite design. Within a couple of revisions your final design is perfectly to your taste and requirement. You can ask the designer for the high resolution download files for website, merchandise and large prints. The rights are transferred to you along with the final design files. The designer gets paid the winning prize money and you can start using your favorite graphic design.

99designs Pricing

Pricing wise 99designs is pretty much in the centre point of the industry. Its not very expensive neither very cheap. There are plenty of logo design contest sites in the industry today operating at different prices, but our outlook is for a customer to get the best value in the most optimum spend. On that front 99designs does pretty well with its very balanced pricing and a premium offering.

99designs pricing 99designs review
99designs Pricing Tiers

How Much Is 99designs?

The Bronze Package of logo design starts at $299 and we’ve had more than 90% of our users choose the same. All of them received a great looking custom logo design in less than a week’s time.

The Silver Package starts at $499 which claims to provide a minimum 60 designs.

The Gold Package starts at $899 Platinum Package starts at $1299.

Sure, gold & platinum packages guarantee more number of designs and access to top designers on the platform but we’d advise to stick to the lower tier packages & go for the higher packages only if you’re a big business and afford to spend more money on your design.

Bronze & Silver packages would get you very decent and rewarding value for money designs so there is no real need to spend a lot of money on higher tier packages and we’d advise spending that on other aspects of your startup.

99designs coupon discount contest upgrade 99 designs coupon
99designs Coupon - Powerpack Contest Upgrade

99designs Coupon

With The Comparingly Exclusive 99designs Coupon, you can avail benefits of the Powerpack Contest Upgrade which is worth $117 added to your design contest for FREE.

Not only is your design contest FEATURED on the top of the contest list using this coupon, but your design contest is also Highlighted & Promoted by the 99designs team on their blog & social media handles as well.

This may help you receive over 20-30% more designs for your design contest at no additional cost to you. Talk about a deal made even sweeter. You can thank us later!

99designs Advantages

  • Editor’s Pick – 1.4 million large designer base, makes sure you get plenty of great looking designs.
  • Over 350K+ Happy Customers gives you a confidence your design contest would be successful too.
  • Highest Quality Entries & success ratings with customers (4.9/5 stars).
  • Free design consultation for customers to understand anything they don’t understand about the design process.
  • Fast turnaround time from designers based across the globe.
  • Amazing customer service through phone & chat.
  • 100% Money back guarantee on packages that we feel you’d never need because the delivered designs are unmatchable.
  • One of the only websites that supports a logo design brief in Spanish language as well.
  • The site is very supportive with the design brief process and it works so well to understand your taste, that you’ve to do minimum efforts to get your perfect design.

99designs Disadvantages

  • Not for those on a very tight budget. Their charge is a little more than what a few businesses in growing phase would be willing to pay. But if you can extend to $299 for a starting logo design package, you won’t even have to look back.
99designs review best 99designs alternatives 99designs competitors
Best 99designs Alternatives & Competitors

99designs Alternatives

99designs is our all round winner and that’s why we feature it in our top 3 recommended best logo design sites on the right hand side. If you still want to explore cheaper 99designs alternatives. There are a few other design contest sites available.

Cheapest 99designs Alternatives

If you’re super price sensitive, you could go with the $128 starting package at 48hourslogo.

You could also choose Designhill which offers great value for money starting at $199 but that package is not as great as the Bronze Package at 99designs.

Many review sites list platforms like Fiverr as a 99designs competitor but that is not right, since fiverr is not exactly a design crowdsourcing platform.

In true sense, only the above two design platforms, i.e. Designhill & 48hourslogo are the cheapest 99designs alternatives.

Sites Like 99designs

For logo design sites similar to 99designs, you could go with one of the following 3 design crowdsourcing sites :

DesignContest, which would cost you starting around $275 with additional premium contest upgrades worth $49 (With special coupon through Comparingly).

Major 99designs Competitor

DesignCrowdwhich would cost you around $279 (Non-refundable contest posting fee of $129). As the entry level contest $319 costs only $279 currently using the Comparingly Special Coupon, so its a great saver of a deal.

Best 99designs Alternative 

CrowdSpring, which would cost you around $274 with additional premium contest upgrades worth $99 (With special coupon through Comparingly) is absolutely the best 99designs alternative if you want to try out another logo design platform. You receive similar quality designs at a little lesser price.

You can use any of these listed 99designs competitors for your design job, if you want to choose a site other than 99designs.

But we’d strongly advise you to go with 99designs if you can stretch your design budget to a minimum of $299. A choice we are sure you won’t regret making.

Conclusion – 99designs Review

99designs is known to be the best in the design industry, and that’s where it came out in our review as well, at the top. You just can’t go wrong with them. They’ve a huge designer base which makes sure you receive plenty of graphic designs for your requirement.

Whether you hold a logo design contest or hire a freelance designer, you’ll get your work done in your desired budget with complete satisfaction owing to their huge designer base bidding on your project. The packages and fees are crystal clear and there are no hidden charges to be concerned about.

And you can also avail Powerpack Contest Upgrade benefits worth $117 for FREE with Comparingly Exclusive 99designs Coupon.

A clear and straightforward design crowdsourcing platform for getting top of the line design work, 99designs passed all our expectations. Price wise, they might appear to be a little expensive but we feel they deserve to charge that premium being at top in the industry.

If you’re price conscious you can look at other design contest sites from our design contest comparison that fit your budget.

In love with 99designs already. Click below to go to 99designs and get your favorite graphic design.

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Editor Review - 99designs Starts From $299
logo contest site 99designs review best alternatives to 99designs coupon

Product Name: 99designs

Offer price: $299

  • Platform Features
  • Ease Of Use
  • Customer Service
  • Pricing

Review Summary

99designs provides custom graphic designs for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. One of the best crowdsourcing sites, its the goto choice for most businesses looking to source a custom logo design or website graphic designs. Cost spent on getting a design is subjective because the delivered designs are best in class and definitely make up for the money spent.

User Review
4.58 (26 votes)

99designs Reviews


  1. I was a little skeptical at first, but ended up with 8 designs that would have worked well. The winning design is absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to see my website with its new logo!

  2. Such a great website! It’s like going to an advertising company and being able to interview and sample as many creative minds as you like. I would recommend 99designs to anyone looking for a logo or business cards.

    1. Thank you my friend. I love your site and review of 99designs. I chose 99designs and got a great logo. Greetings from Qatar.

  3. I have been recommending 99designs to everyone I know for years. It is the fastest, most cost-effective way to get original designs from talented designers. I have two beautiful designs that I receive compliments on constantly. And you can hire the same designer to then design your entire website so the look is completely coordinated. I love 99designs!

  4. I went into this blind with a request for a wine label. I got my label BUT
    a)the work was good, but the service from the contest ‘account manager’ was closed on weekends. WHO DOES THAT? I had no idea. I submitted my contest on a Saturday, paid 135 dollars for some extras (including an account manager), and got nothing until TUESDAY, when the contest was almost over. And I should have been warned.

    Am I happy with my label? Yes. Customer service is RUDE and they really want you to not know you pay for anything beyond ONE DESIGN with no options for colours. That was horrifying. Having already paid 1700 plus, you’d expect as many options on colours as you need. It’s a wine label, cross purposed to 4 different wines by the same company. What’s the issue with four colours? Seriously, I’m not paying 900 bux for a colour change!!!

    Anyway, like I said, it worked out well in the end, I got my label, but there are a lot of HIDDEN IFS.

  5. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I couldn’t believe the multitude of logo design ideas from top graphic designers I received. It really helped me find exactly what I was looking for at a great price! I’d do it again in a heartbeat and will definitely recommend 99designs to my friends!

  6. I needed an eye-catching logo and business card design for my real estate business. Amazed by the results I received. 99designs rocks!

  7. Loved every bit of your 99designs review. Special thanks to Rudolph from your team in guiding me to choose a platform for my logo design.

  8. Very informative 99designs review. I landed here looking for a cheaper alternative to 99designs but now I think I’d rather go with 99designs only, makes more sense. Thanks.

  9. I was planning to launch a logo contest with 99designs for my web startup. Been scouring the web looking for an unbiased review of 99designs and I must say you’ve done a pretty neat job. But now I’m confused between crowdspring and 99designs. You mention Crowdspring as the best alternative to 99designs. If my budget is $300, what do you suggest I go for?

    1. Thanks for the kind words Alex. We’re glad you found the review helpful.

      And, If you’ve a budget of $300, there is no need of going for any logo design site other than 99designs. It has the biggest designer base, best design quality on offer and above all, the most credible name in logo design industry. I suggest you go with 99designs. Best of luck.

  10. Got a perfect logo design for my project. Got a free upgrade on my design contest as well using your 99designs coupon. Thanks a ton guys.

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