Briefcase by Appsumo (Review)

Learn How to Save Upto 39% OFF on Appsumo Purchases

Tacos are first love. Well, at least for me. But If you love tacos as well, you’re precisely in the right place. This article is about Briefcase by Appsumo or simply Appsumo Briefcase, and it’s surely going to add more tacos to your life?

Being an entrepreneur is tough, and if you are one, you will relate how often you find yourself needing a tool or service to take your business to the next level? From today onwards, no need to pay for those expensive monthly subs anymore. If you’re not already familiar with Appsumo, it’s a digital platform where you can find the best SaaS lifetime deals for businesses

In case you’re an existing sumo user, it’s your favorite LTDs(lifetime deals) I’m talking about. Since the very beginning, Appsumo has been a rage amongst startups and entrepreneurs who want to cut down on their monthly business expenses. All credits go to chief sumo Noah Kagan for bringing the hottest lifetime SaaS deals to us at throwaway prices.

Using Appsumo, businesses are able to source software alternatives at an affordable price, that too with a one-time payment(compared to recurring monthly subscriptions of similar softwares) for lifetime access coupled with a 60 day money-back guarantee. But what if we said you could have even more tacos? Please make way for the Appsumo Briefcase.

PS: This article may give you lots of reasons to have an elevated heartbeat, especially if you’re a lifetime deals lover, so kindly proceed with caution.

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Briefcase by Appsumo - The Business SwissKnife
For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Business Owners are always trying to cut down on their business costs. Once you’re a big firm, small monthly expenses don’t matter, but every penny counts when you’re in the starting phase. This is where Briefcase by Appsumo comes in super handy.

What is AppSumo Briefcase?

Appsumo Briefcase is a quarterly membership program($147 paid every quarter to receive equivalent value tool credits) offered by the Appsumo platform.

The Briefcase contains dozens of software tools that you can use to grow and scale your business. Thus, the included business tools save you time and money by helping you cut down on your number of active subscriptions.

The Briefcase contains tools that make your everyday business more manageable, such as Marketing, Social Media Automation tool, Scheduling tools, etc. We’ll talk about the included software tools in a later section. 

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the steps to follow in order to get upto 39% savings on your Appsumo purchases.

Sign up For The Briefcase Membership

appsumo briefcase homepage
Briefcase by Appsumo Homepage

Headover to the Briefcase homepage and sign up as a user. If you’re an existing Appsumo customer, make sure you use the same email ID that is associated with your Appsumo account. It’ll help you in the later steps.

Load Your Briefcase Account With $147 Quarterly Credits

Once you log in to your account you’ll be presented with the option to pay $147 to start your quarterly membership.

Enter you Card details or complete the payment through another preferred mode to load the credits into your Briefcase account.

So let me spill the beans here. The first sweet part of the deal, $147 is not the cost of the dozens of tools included in the Briefcase subscription but instead added to your account as quarterly credits.

Unlike Appsumo, Briefcase Credits are called Chips. So you get the same number of chips in your Briefcase, i.e. 147.

(Chips, Briefcase, yeah, I know it feels like you’re at the Poker table, but your queen is safe)

It’s Magic time!

The 147 chips in your Briefcase become 196 chips auto-magi-cally! (yeah, I made that one up)

Time to Receive 20% Extra Credits in Briefcase

The incredible Briefcase team gifts you 49 additional chips in your account(A Cool 20% EXTRA) when you renew your quarterly subscription worth $147.

But we’re not done yet – another surprise incoming.

You already know tacos and Appsumo are made for each other and go together all the time.

What if I told you these chips are redeemable on Appsumo?

Your Briefcase Chips Become Appsumo Credits - Kaboom!

Feeling good? Yeah, I felt the same super amazing feel you’re having right now when I first discovered this cool Appsumo hack.

We’re done with the Briefcase part here. Let’s head on to the next step of the process.

We’re going to the land of Marketing Sumos, the Appsumo website.

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Sign up For The Appsumo Membership

appsumo homepage
Appsumo Homepage

If you’re visiting the Appsumo website for the first time, you may complete the sign up process and become a part of the awesome Sumo Family.

If you’re an already registered Sumo, all you’ve to do is log in to your Appsumo account.

Click the user icon in the top bar and head over to your Account Overview section.

Link Your Briefcase And Your Appsumo Account

In the account dashboard, at the bottom left, you will find a Big Blue Button saying “Sync with Briefcase“.

As mentioned earlier, please make sure your Appsumo account and your Briefcase account are signed up with the same email to complete the syncing process.

This will link your Briefcase account to your Appsumo account and Poof….! Another Magic.

The 196 chips convert into credits worth $196 on Appsumo, and you now have access to all the SaaS deals on the Appsumo platform with your briefcase chips/credits at disposal.

Yeah, that’s right, you paid $147, and you received $196 in return.

How’s that for a Yummy Spicy Taco? (Chipotle calling) 

You could thank me later if you didn’t know about this cool appsumo hack. But trust me, it’s going to get even better. Read on.

Enjoy 10% OFF on All Purchases With Appsumo Briefcase

Briefcase subscription doesn’t stop giving just there. Being a Briefcase member entitles you to an amazing 10% OFF sitewide on Appsumo. Could it get any better than this? Crazy savings, right? Let me show you an example as well.

I just added Tier 3 VBOUT to my cart and I received an auto-applied 10% OFF on my checkout page. How I love this automation!

Time for some Tacos again. When are we going to use our Swissknife?

Time to Make 30% Savings With Appsumo Briefcase

We apply the Briefcase credits and the total amount payable is reduced to $64.10

Let’s revisit again, we paid $147 for the briefcase $64.10 over here, $211.10 in total and we made purchases worth $289. 

If we calculate that comes out to almost 27% savings on your Appsumo purchase.

The Magical Number in this case is $218.

If you buy anything on Appsumo valued $218 you don’t have to pay anything else. As the 10% off reduces the amount payable to $196.20 which can be squared off with your Appsumo credits. Yeah I see those 20 cents too.

So technically in this case you enjoy a 30% OFF until the amount payable reached the $218 mark and post that, since your credits exhaust you enjoy a 10% OFF on the remaining amount. $289 – $218 = $71 as seen in this case.

Cheers to savings and Briefcase by Appsumo!

39% OFF on Appsumo Purchases - Bring it on!

You must be wondering I mentioned 39% OFF on Appsumo purchases in our title, but the above discounts add up to only 30% OFF.

I’m not going to break your heart by saying it’s not possible. It’s very much possible and here’s how you can avail crazy discounts of upto 39% OFF.

Now, if you’re a first-time Appsumo user(or if you choose to sign up for one more account), the platform will go the extra mile to show its love for you. 

Appsumo 10% OFF Popup
Appsumo 10% OFF Website Popup
10% OFF Appsumo New User Email
Appsumo 10% OFF Email Coupon

When you log in to your Appsumo account, all new users receive a 10% OFF Appsumo Coupon(because Appsumo loves us a lot) applicable on their first purchase in one of the two following ways :

1. On the website in the form of a popup if you try to exit the page.

2. A 10% OFF coupon in your email, if you abandon your cart after any items. (Marketing Pros!)

Yes Gringo, that adds upto a 10% OFF on your Briefcase and a 10% OFF on your brand new Appsumo account.

But there’s a small catch here. Individually using these coupons, you get a 10% OFF in both cases. But if you use both of them together, you only get a 39% OFF.

If you see that’s a 10% OFF on the new Appsumo account and a 9% OFF using the Briefcase. 

But there’s a change in our Magical Number here. In the previous case it was $218.

This time the Magical Number is $242.

19% OFF on $242 reduces your payable amount to $196.02 and we already have credits in our account worth $196.

Total payable amount = $0.02 (I can live with it!)

But unlike last time, the amount payable above $242 is discounted at 19% OFF as compared to the 10% OFF in the previous case. Hence only $38.09 payable this time as compared to $64.10 previously.

Sumos and Tacos all the way….! You spent $147, and you bought deals worth $242. 

39% OFF on your Appsumo purchases. Extremely cool hack to buy top-tier software for less.

So let’s revisit the steps once more for your easy reference.

How to Save Upto 39% OFF on Appsumo Purchases

1. Go to the Briefcase by Appsumo website.

2. Sign up as a user.

3. Add your credit card information.

4. Load your Briefcase by adding $147 quarterly membership credits.

5. Head over to the Appsumo website.

6. Sign up as a new user or log in with your existing credentials.

7. Visit the Account Overview section in the Appsumo Dashboard.

8. Under the Briefcase section, click “Sync Your Briefcase” button.

9. Your Briefcase and Appsumo account are linked.

10. Enjoy upto 39% OFF on your purchases using the $196 Briefcase credits.

Having discussed how to avail the best discounts using Appsumo Briefcase, now let’s have a look at some of the Pros and Cons of Briefcase and the tools included within the quarterly subscription.

What I Like About Briefcase by Appsumo

  • $49 extra credits for FREE every quarter.
  • No fixed contract; cancel anytime.
  • Credits don’t expire.
  • Appsumo Plus benefits (early access, late access to lifetime deals) at no additional cost plus 60 day money-back guarantee.

What I Dislike About Appsumo Briefcase

  • No money-back guarantee on credits.
  • Briefcase included software tools work only as long as the subscription is active.
  • You might end up piling lots of credits if you don’t buy regularly.
  • Limited licenses of the included tools.

Did you know? Appsumo has one more offering called "Appsumo Plus" similar to Briefcase, if you'd like to learn more about it, we've covered it in our detailed blog on Appsumo Plus vs Briefcase

FREE Softwares Included in Appsumo Briefcase Subscription

As mentioned before, Briefcase by Appsumo is an offering that aims to simplify the lives of online business owners and entrepreneurs. Thus the FREE included tools in the subscription enable you to save money on monthly subscriptions of similar services. The tools cater to multiple aspects of your business and keep getting changed or updated regularly with optimum.

Marketing Tool - KingSumo Web Pro

kingsumo web pro software tool included in appsumo briefcase
KingSumo Web Pro

One of the flagship offerings of the Sumo family, KingSumo addresses the pain point every website marketer faces. Growing their email list.

Appsumo themselves used KingSumo Giveaway pro(a bundled feature) to grow their email list exponentially, so we can not say that the product doesn’t work. Set it and forget it. Your email list will keep growing on auto-pilot.

The bigger your email list, the higher your revenues will be. KingSumo dominates in creating viral giveaways on website, social media as well as through your current email list, and that’s the secret to keeping your customers hooked.

Who doesn’t like gifts? And thus, these giveaways work like a charm and give an organic boost to your website’s product or service. Combine ads with your giveaways, and your subscriber list will start exploding.

KingSumo Features

  • You get custom branding, which helps establish brand consistency across all social media platforms and your website.
  • Inbuilt Facebook Pixel tracking helps you track and analyse the performance of your giveaway campaigns.
  • No capping on the number of giveaway campaigns means an endless supply of followers and tacos.

Social Media Scheduling Tool - Missinglettr Small Team Plan

missinglettr - software tool included in appsumo briefcase
Missinglettr Small Team Plan

The average Social Media drill is; You schedule a post on Facebook, then Twitter, then Instagram, etc. I wish that would’ve been simpler, right? Also, no matter how much high-quality content you post, the engagement meter just doesn’t move, nor do post shares increase. What do you do then?

Missinglettr to your rescue. Its Small Team plan allows you to collaborate with your entire team and schedule your social media posts together on all the platforms; that’s some real time-saving! They even include direct posting to Medium. Beat that!

It also allows you to create drip campaigns on your posts for an entire year. The posts keep getting published at regular intervals, which keeps the engagement on the social media networks intact.

Also, every time someone comments on your existing posts, the fantastic software creates year-long campaigns for you that you just need to approve and watch your Social Media game go through the roof.

Not only this, but Missinglettr also includes a Curate feature that allows you to share unique content from the Curate library. Just like other content creators, you can also submit your own posts to the library.

And other users of the app will share your content on their social media channels. For every five shares you do, you get to submit one post that others can share from the library.

Missinglettr Features

  • Link unlimited websites and upto 25 social media profiles.
  • You can create upto 10 social media campaigns per week on each website.
  • Old content revival made easy.
  • Curate feature helps you collaborate with fellow marketers.
  • Curate enables content sharing beyond your team’s social media profiles.

Closing Thoughts - Briefcase by Appsumo (Review)

The Appsumo Briefcase is a gem of an offering. It helps you save even more on already discounted LTDs with tools for business. 

It makes perfect sense for entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups to try out the different SaaS lifetime deals on Appsumo platform since they get the option to save a lot of money on monthly recurring costs as well as receive a 60 day money-back guarantee along with the endless benefits of the Appsumo ecology.

If you’ve still not crossed the line, do it today and join the Sumo family.

Say bye-bye to Soggy Tacos for good. Crunchy Tacos all the way!

Frequently Asked Questions About Appsumo Briefcase

Nothing will happen. The lifetime deals bought by you are yours forever. You can cancel your Briefcase subscription at anytime.

Yes. You can only renew your Briefcase quarterly. You can always register for a new appsumo and Briefcase account if you don’t want to wait for 3 months.

This won’t be possible. At a time, you can link only one briefcase account to an appsumo account.

No, your access to the software tools included with your Appsumo Briefcase will only end once your 3-month subscription comes to an end. Your briefcase account will also stay linked to your Appsumo account till the end of these 3 months.

Appsumo Plus is another offering that mildly overlaps with the Appsumo Briefcase subscription but we opting for the latter makes more sense and gives you more business value. We’ve covered a complete blog on the topic Appsumo Plus vs Briefcase by Appsumo. You may please check it out to get detailed answers to your query. Whatever you choose, the love for tacos won’t decrease.

Please keep in mind that the software deals included in the Briefcase are not lifetime deals, unlike the deals you purchase off the platform. They will stop working once your subscription period ends. If you want to continue with your access to them, you should renew your Appsumo Briefcase every 3 months.

Rituraj Gill

Rituraj Gill

Raj is a growth hacker having multiple years of experience in marketing up his sleeve. He specializes in business branding and forming alliances. Loves all things "startups, entrepreneurs and small biz." He firmly believes life is meaningless without cheesy nachos, pizzas and cold coffee.


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