How to Write a Logo Design Brief : 7 Step Checklist

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Finding the best logo design contest site that suits your budget as well as requirement is a tedious job. But what lies ahead is the biggest task of them all for a startup or small business. Getting the perfect logo designed from a design crowdsourcing site. And the first stepping stone of this process is the logo design brief, also called a creative brief. The importance of the logo design brief lies in the fact that the freelance designers you’d be working with, don’t know you or anything about your business brand. So you’ve to make the designers understand your business, your brand, your requirement, your likes, dislikes and not to forget, the kind of results you’re envisioning from the logo design contest by using a thorough logo design brief template. Adhering to these simple rules would ensure you receive the best quality design submissions in your logo contest. So now let’s get going to find out how to write the perfect logo design brief.

These seven words describe the most crucial part of your design contest. Because a perfect start would put your contest on the path to a perfect ending as well. Many design contest sites feature a logo design brief sample or a readymade logo design brief template to ease the difficult task of writing a creative brief. Generally, these templates contain a lot of logo design brief questions, that aid any first time user in understanding the design contest requirements better. But to make it the smoothest experience for you, we’ve compiled this handy checklist, that you can refer to and follow along the way to get the best results from your logo design contest.

Explain your Business - Write a Logo Design Brief

1. Explain Your Business Thoroughly

How you describe your business would go on to become the most important bit of information that the freelancing designers would get to understand about you and your requirement. It’s utmost important to remember that most crowdsourcing logo design websites have designers from across the globe reading your design brief – so making it clear, succinct and easily digestible is vital. Don’t forget to cover:

1. What is your business industry
2. Your primary product/service
3. The value add or USP(unique selling point)
4. Any other story or brand value that may be related closely to your business


different types of logo design styles - Write a Logo Design Brief


2. Different Logo Styles Of Your Choice

Minimalist, Flat, Gradient or something else. In order to explain the taste and style of the logo you’re looking to get for your business brand, its always helpful to provide the designers with reference of different logo styles that you like. It’d be great if you mention other details also, such as what inspires you, or even an emotion/theme that you or your brand relates to.

1. Try and give at least 3-4 logo examples of your choice
2. Specify any logo styles which you don’t like
3. Make sure you’re clear about what you want & what you like (many a times, we like something so much, we forget it doesn’t fit our requirement)


give ideas - write a logo design brief

3. Try To Give Ideas

If you don’t have a clear idea or vision to pass on to the logo designers, you can depend on the designers’ creativity. But it’d be better if you try and give them at least a direction to work on, so that the results are in line with your expectations.

1. Remember to provide any inspirations or designs which might work according to you.
2. Do you plan on having an icon logo or text logo or both?
3. Do you want an illustrated logo design?

4. Feelings To Express : Desired Logo Theme

Its utmost important that you clearly define which feelings you want to express through your design because it directly relates to the style, font & color choices that a logo designer uses while making a design.

1. Be specific what feeling is the most important to express.
2. To make it simple, just explain the USP of your product/service to the designers & they’d be able to relate what feelings need to be driven strongly to the consumers.

logo font type - write a logo design brief


color feelings - write a logo design brief

5. Preferred Fonts & Colors

Though particular fonts are not necessary to be chosen beforehand, but a feel and style expectation set from the very beginning helps the designers to furnish relevant designs without many alterations. Colors on the other hand are very important consideration, as good logo colors that relate to your business brand and theme would definitely decide the success of your long term marketing efforts.

1. Check out Coolors : amazing site if you want to do some color combination R&D yourself.
2. For sourcing HQ free fonts, Font Squirrel is a great option.


logo placement - write a logo design brief

6. Usage & Placement Of The Final Logo

Its very important to let the logo designers know what sort of sizing and layout you’re going to use in the place where you’re going to use your logo. Eg. your website. Also, keep your options open by considering future requirements as well and thus planning out how many more places you’d be wanting to use your logo design in. This will help maintain consistency. of your logo design across different media. The more detailed you’re, the more closer the design will be to your expectations. Consider usage & options such as :

      1. Physical Products
      2. Office Stationery
      3. Brand Signage
      4. Product Labels

7. What Is Your Target Market?

Like they say, when in rome, do it like the romans do. Your target market defines what your style needs to be in order to get maximum acceptance from the local customers. Your promotion efforts would go in vain if your brand is unable to connect and doesn’t resonate with the target market customer’s emotions. Please mention :

1. What industry you intend to target?
2. The gender you’re targeting?
3. And the age group you prefer to target?

Its a simple rule of thumb that your final logo design would be as appealing & relevant to your requirement, as the amount of hardwork you put into making your logo design brief better and clear. The higher quality brief you provide, the more accurate would be the design submissions, the fewer would be the needed revisions & the sooner you can start using your new business brand logo. If you invest a lot of thought and time into your brand, the results would be evident in the form of an excellent logo design.

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