10 Compelling Benefits of Web Hosting For Small Businesses

benefits of web hosting for small businesses

The world around us is continually changing and evolving in itself. Due to the ongoing unrest and major changes in various parts of the globe, Forbes predicted in a recent article that more than 75% of businesses around the world would be fully operational online by the end of 2022 and the trend is here to stay. So what are your plans for your mom and pop shops? If you haven’t considered it so far, it’s high time you think about taking your small business online. Setting up a business website doesn’t take much time and If we start counting the benefits of web hosting for small businesses, there are plenty.

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10 Benefits of Web Hosting for Small Businesses

A good web hosting platform should support a business in its initial stages and also should be able to give it space to grow and scale; this is immensely important. A fast and dependable web hosting is one of the key requisites for any small business to create an online presence. From transferring its marketing assets as well as adding the ability to do financial transactions online, a web hosting service can really add wings to your business.

Along with this, there are several other benefits of web hosting for small businesses. So without any further ado, let’s study these benefits in detail and see how you can make the most of these to take your small business to the next level.

Developing an All-Around Online Presence

One of the first and most important aspects of taking a small business online is to build a strong foundation which not only reflects the ideals of your business but also supports it in its branding and growth efforts. Say your business had ten branches in a city. The moment you take your business online, it’s not just one more online branch, it’s a branch that would connect the whole world to you. Anybody, from any corner of the world, can reach you now. This surely increases your business’ exposure and in turn, builds your strong web presence. That’s the power of getting web hosting for small businesses.

One proven way of building a solid foundation is to build your business website on a reliable hosting platform. Creating a website that is agile and mobile-friendly will not only make it easier for your existing customers to find you online but also attract new customers and help your business grow.

Seamless Sharing of Contact Information

Customers around your area are well aware that your business exists and that you can render them a valuable service in their times of need. However, in certain scenarios, they may find it difficult to reach you, and thus sharing your contact information on your website will make it easier for them to contact you.

Ideally, your website should not only contain your full address along with a map of the area but also your phone number and numbers to order online. The main intent behind this is to, first strengthen your local SEO efforts and second make it as easy as possible for your customer to find you online and contact you.

Target Your Local Customers

In a recent report published by Google, it was revealed that more than 50% of searches made in 2019 were aimed at finding local solutions and stores. From this data, one of the major aspects that becomes clear is the fact that these days even before shopping offline, the modern customer will search and inquire about your products online.

By building a website on a good hosting platform and then employing strategic local SEO tactics and practises you can efficiently target your local customers and come up in their search results whenever they put out a query on Google. This will enable you to better assist your existing local customers as well as acquire new ones in the process.

Keep Your Customers Well Informed

If your business has been around for quite some time now, chances are that there is a customer community around your products and services. In a recent report published by Google trends, it was revealed that such local business communities are not only highly active online, but also an untapped source of high revenue for local businesses. 

One of the most effective methods of fostering your community is to regularly post content surrounding your services, products, and topics in which your community is interested. This not only helps your customers be informed and updated on the latest trends in the market but also assists you in fostering their loyalty further. However, in order to publish quality content on a regular basis and keep your customers glued, building an attractive website on a fast hosting platform is a crucial and determinant factor.

google my business chat feature

Effectively Solve Your Customer's Queries Online

If you have been keeping an eye on the latest GoogleMyBusiness trends, you by now must have noticed that Google has come up with a new feature that not only lets your customers chat with you easily from the comfort of their homes but also post queries regarding your products and services.

Using web hosting for small businesses, you can create a business website that is enabled for online chats; which will make it easier for your customers to seamlessly get in touch with you in their times of need, resolve their queries effectively and also contribute to your local SEO efforts.

Learn More About Your Customers

One of the greatest founders and innovators of all time, Steve Jobs of Apple Inc once said that knowing your customer’s likes, dislikes and interests is one of the most powerful tools any business can use to not only develop better products suited and designed for a customer’s particular needs but also drive up sales by constantly listening to their thoughts and feedback.

Having a website for your small business will give you the opportunity to listen to your customers effectively and most importantly, further develop your products to suit their specific needs and wants.

personalised email benefits of web hosting for small businesses

Personalizing Your Employee's Contact Details

One of the biggest branding techniques which is used by most businesses is providing a custom and personalized email address to their employees. A recent study conducted by HubSpot where they tested if their customers synergized better with custom email addresses or generic ones revealed that the trust factor in a customer increases by at least 45% when they are interacting with a custom email address rather than when they are interacting with a generic one. 

The survey also revealed that customers perceive a business to be more professional when they have a custom email address over a generic one. And since getting a custom email address for your employees is relatively cheap, this is one of the most compelling advantages of having a web hosting for your small business.

sell your product online benefits of web hosting for small businesses

Sell Your Products and Services Online

Another key advantage of having your business website on a good hosting platform is that you can easily start an online storefront, via which you can easily sell your products and services online. This will not only equip you to sell your products and services after your business hours have gotten over but also make it easier for your customers to avail your services without leaving the comfort of their homes.
effective email marketing benefits of web hosting for small businesses

Make Effective Use of Email Marketing

One of the most effective and cost-efficient methods of keeping up with modern customers is through the effective use of email marketing. When you have a website on a reliable hosting platform, you can easily set up a feature to collect the email addresses of all those who visit your website.

Upon collection, you can send them regular updates via their email address to first keep them informed on the latest trends in the market and second about your latest products and services. Used correctly, email marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways of communicating with your customers, thus make sure to try it out.

build online community benefits of web hosting for small businesses

Build and Foster a Community

The last but definitely not the least benefits of web hosting for small businesses is to use your website to build and foster an online community of your customers and communicate with them on a regular basis. Having a community will not only help you get in touch with your customers easily but also keep them updated on the latest information in the trade.

Along with this, if used correctly, you can make sure that your online customer community remains loyal to your services and products through both good times as well as bad times.

Closing Thoughts On Small Business Web Hosting

Having a website online is a crucial and determinant factor for success both for a small as well as medium scale business in today’s world. Google predicts that by the end of 2021 almost 80% of customers will conduct a search online before visiting your store and thus having an online presence will help you establish authority and also be in touch with your customers, to build loyalty and drive sales in the long run.

All Set To Give Wings To Your Business. Let’s Get You A Fast, Affordable & Dependable Web Host For Your Small Business Website.

To help you get online faster and smoothly, we’ve done a detailed research and comparison to find out the best web hosting for small business. Make sure to check it out and start your business’ new innings on the internet.

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