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best logo design contest sites

Logo Design Contest Sites a.k.a. Design Crowdsourcing Sites, are the best place to get a custom logo design & a great choice for any other requirement of crowdsourcing designs. Launch a Design Contest and you can easily get an attractive company logo design, business card design, social media page design, t-shirt design, website design, or even a tailor-made custom brand identity design, all at pocket-friendly prices.

Crowdsourcing logo design can be very tough for small businesses that already have so much on their plate. To cut down the hard work for a contest holder and to get a small business logo at an affordable price, Team Comparingly has done extensive feature by feature research to provide you genuine reviews of the best logo design contest sites.

We’ve selectively focused on credible crowdsourcing platforms that host trusted communities of the best freelance logo designers around the world. All these websites have an established name in the design industry as providers of affordable custom logo design services.

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Best Logo Contest Sites Compared

Design Contest

Lowest price you pay for launching a logo design contest

Avg no. of designs a design contest usually received as per our analysis of last 20-30 closed contests.

No. of
No. of designers registered with the design platform

Running time duration of the design contest

This score is calculated from 5 key factors : user ratings, site popularity, site's feature analysis, customer service levels & site's google ranking factors.

To Site

Lowest Price


Design Entries


No. of Designers


Contest Duration

1-15 Days





Design Entries


No. of Designers


Contest Duration

1-14 Days



Lowest Price


Design Entries


No. of Designers


Contest Duration

1-7 Days



Lowest Price


Design Entries


No. of Designers


Contest Duration

1-14 Days



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How We Compared The Best Design Contest Sites

Design Contest Sites are fast becoming the go-to choice for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs due to their unique and fast turnaround model. Choosing the best design contest website out of so many available options is not easy, but most of these crowdsourcing sites have some essential common features such as :

  • Lowest Price for launching a design contest,

  • No. of Design Entries a contest holder usually receives,

  • Quality & Quantity of Creative Designers registered with the design contest site,

  • Contest Duration offered by the crowdsourcing site.

Besides these features, there are also many other features which are unique to these crowdsourcing websites, but these above mentioned features are the most important to you while setting out to get a logo design for your business. On the basis of these features, we’ve reviewed and ranked the best logo design sites which you can use to launch a logo contest or choose from other design categories depending on your requirement.

Clicking these would directly take you the contest site or you can jump to the Design Contest Comparison.

  1. DesignCrowd

  2. CrowdSpring

  3. 99designs

  4. 48hourslogo

  5. DesignContest

We’ve also featured COMPARINGLY EXCLUSIVE COUPONS that you can use to avail discounts and upgrade benefits on your logo contest. Now let’s have a detailed look at these design contest sites and compare them feature by feature.

CrowdSpring vs DesignCrowd vs 99designs vs Designhill vs Fiverr vs DesignContest

battle of the best Logo design contest sites

DesignCrowd vs 99designs

Two Industry Biggies fighting for the top spot. 99designs does better here with almost double the designer base as compared to DesignCrowd. Also, DesignCrowd charges a non-refundable contest fee which some people may not be comfortable in paying. Both contest sites offer similar design quality and you can check out the DesignCrowd Coupon as well as 99designs Powerpack Upgrade Coupon to decide whose design process suits your pocket better.

DesignCrowd vs CrowdSpring

DesignCrowd & CrowdSpring are reputed names in design industry and are at par in most features. After applying $150 DesignCrowd Coupon & $25 OFF CrowdSpring Coupon, both cost around $275. Design quality & no. of designs are also similar. DesignCrowd’s designer base is almost 3 times of CrowdSpring but they also charge a non-refundable contest fee while CrowdSpring offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Designhill vs DesignCrowd

These two design platforms are the biggest 99designs competitors. Interface & look and feel is better with DesignCrowd compared to Designhill. DesignCrowd Coupon gets you a $279 logo design package which is $120 cheaper than $399 Designhill logo design package. No. of Designers with DesignCrowd is almost 11 times that of Designhill so that’s sure to give you more and better quality results

99designs vs 48hourslogo

They say it gets as sweet as the sugar you add. Coming from chinese roots 48hourslogo offer the logo design service starting at $128 which is their USP. Their 48hour turnaround time for logo delivery maybe fast but the design quality will be a tad lesser than 99designs. You will get a working logo for almost half the price, which you may or may not need to get refined in the future. 48hourslogo is ideal for short term or hobby or even small startup projects.

99designs vs DesignContest

99designs & DesignContest both offer comparable design services. 99designs is Australian while DesignContest is US based. 99designs’ designer base is 7 times that of DesignContest. Pricing wise DesignContest is $25 cheaper. Design quality is comparable but upgrades offered with $117 99designs Coupon are more valuable than $49 DesignContest CouponDesignContest has a better and faster user friendly experience.

99designs vs CrowdSpring

They’re like the Microsoft & Apple of the Design Industry. Both started around same time and offer excellent design quality. Australian 99designs beats American CrowdSpring on designer base by almost 7 times. But with a $25 OFF CrowdSpring Coupon, 99designs loses the upper hand here to CrowdSpring. CrowdSpring also offers a naming contest which can be used to crowdsource a unique name for your business.

99designs vs Fiverr

Its wrong to compare these two platforms which offer totally different services. Fiverr is a freelancer services platform while 99designs is purely a graphic design crowdsourcing website. Many fall for the low pricing of fiverr(as low as $5), but getting a good logo design from a fiverr pro freelancer would cost almost as much as launching a logo contest(around $200-$300), so its best to go with 99designs to get more value for your money.

Designhill vs 99designs

Two Big Names in the Design Industry today. 99designs interface is more user friendly & has a better look and feel compared to Designhill. 99designs $299 offering is at par with Designhill $399 offering and more value for money. Quality wise 99designs scores a home run as their freelance designer base is huge while Designhill community being mostly sub-asian could be a roadblock in communicating with individual designers.


Get A Business Logo Design

Logo Design Contest through Crowdsourcing is the way to go. Period. When you need a company business logo for your startup or small business, it’s not easy to choose the best logo design contest site that suits the job especially when you’ve so many logo contest sites to choose from. That’s where we step in. You can use Comparingly for a detailed feature by feature comparison of all the popular & best logo design sites.

We encourage users of our site to give their honest feedback and post reviews of their experience with these crowdsourcing platforms. From DesignCrowd to DesignContest to 99designs, we strive to provide visitors with genuine and unbiased reviews of actual users of all the trending design crowdsourcing sites.

These design marketplaces provide plenty of amazing custom graphic designs to choose from, thanks to the millions of talented designers registered with these design crowdsourcing sites.

Design crowdsourcing platforms have taken over the design industry by storm and the fact can not be ruled out that millions of people have used crowdsourcing power to get a unique logo for their business at very pocket-friendly prices. Get your company business logo design today!

For more information please check out Logo Design Contest How It Works, Important Terms & FAQ section that follows.


logo design companies agencies

Another option for getting your logo design can be hiring a design agency altogether. There are plenty of well-known design agencies that can alleviate your pain of getting a logo designed. Usually, they’re limited on resources and can only give as many options. You could receive clipart submissions in the name of original design concepts & you would not even know.

This option could be pretty expensive as well but the ability to speak to your agency and communicate your feedback in person, makes all the difference & you could end up getting a decent design. Unlike crowdsourcing sites, a traditional design agency provides you only a limited number of design concepts (generally two or three) as compared to unlimited revisions on most design contest sites.

If you choose to hire a graphic design company, make sure you choose an agency that is well established and has a good name in the industry. And also do verify the quality of the designs by checking out their design portfolio of the past projects.

Hire A Logo Design Company Or Agency

logo design companies agencies

Hire A Designer

freelance logo designer freelance graphic designer

You can hire a freelance logo designer online from a site like fiverr to get your custom logos designed & work on a 1-to-1 project with them through a crowdsourcing marketplace of freelancers. Every day, thousands of freelance projects complete over the internet, but it can be a daunting task when you need to get everything done by yourself.

To get your requirements across, you need to talk the language of the designer, both geographically & professionally. The process could be only easy if you personally know a quality designer who you believe can deliver the job and have no problems communicating.

You need to be well versed with the terms that a professional designer uses in order to get the perfect logo design for your brand’s online presence. One of the major drawbacks of working 1-to-1 with a single designer is that you get only one interpretation of your brand. It’s a human limitation that can not be overcome. We’d recommend holding an online design competition to get the maximum bang for your buck.

Whether you launch a design contest, hire a designer, or hire a design agency. You know all the benefits and shortcomings so far. Using a free logo maker or generator is another option to make your company logo. It is a very fast process and you can design a decent logo in a time span of a few minutes to an hour.

However, If you want to use the logo, most of the online logo maker sites will most certainly charge you for downloading usable high-resolution files of the logo. On average, the minimum price of the same is between $50-$100 to purchase. As this design you create would still be very much basic, we would not suggest using this option, provided you’re only using it for a not-so-important one-off job.

We would recommend that you go for a design contest as there is no better way to get a perfect design. You receive different variations and logo concepts from experienced designers and have the option of choosing a logo design that suits your requirement best.

Let Good Design Prevail !

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Logo Design Contest Sites : How It Works​

Fill up your design brief and post a design project

Setup your design contest, choose how much you'd like to pay & enter the details about your business as well as some brief questions outlining your requirement.

Dozens of designers compete for your design project

Sit back and receive dozens of professional designs from the design community. Give feedback and get design revisions till you're satisfied.

Pick your favorite, get 100% ownership & download high quality design files

Choose the design you like best. Get complete ownership and all the source files for your favorite final design.

Logo Design Contest Sites : Important Terms

  • Lowest Price: This is the minimum starting price that one has to pay to launch a design contest. Leader: 48hourslogo.
  • Contest Fee: This is a non-refundable fee charged by design contest sites to launch a contest. $29 charged by 48hourslogo & $59 charged by DesignCrowd.
  • Winning Prize: This is the monetary prize money that would be given to the winning designer whose designs you choose as your preferred final designs.
  • Design Brief: You launch your design contest after filling up a design brief in which you outline what are your expectations from the designers. In this, you specify various design elements like style, shape, theme, color & your inputs for the logo design you want.
  • Design Entries: These are the creative design submissions by the designers to a design contest.
  • No. of Designers: This is the registered designer base that design crowdsourcing platforms have. Leader : 99designs.
  • Handover Files: Upon completion, your designer completes the design contest handover process by providing you these industry-standard files of your final design. Common file formats are .jpg, .png, .ai, .psd, etc
  • Contest Duration: Most design contests run between an average duration of 2 to 10 days. Leader: Design Crowd.
  • Fast-Track Mode: When you’re short on time, you can choose a shorter duration design contest. You’re able to get more designs within 2 days instead of 5 or 7 or 10 days. Leader: DesignCrowd, 48hourslogo comes a close second because they deliver designs in 48 hours itself, but no platform can beat 99designs in terms of design quality and quantity.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not happy with the results of your design contest, you may ask for & receive a full refund, provided you meet the design contest site’s terms and conditions for the same. Leader: CrowdSpring with one of the best refund policies and practices.
  • Guaranteed Contest: This is a design contest where the designers are assured that they will be paid a winning prize and you’d not be asking for a refund. In turn, this increases designer trust and the quality of submissions you receive for the design contest.
  • Hidden Contest: To increase the quality and originality of design submissions to design contest, contest holder may opt for this premium feature which bars the participating designers from seeing each other’s designs. They are visible only to the contest holder.
  • Private Project: If you want to keep your design project private and don’t want it to be listed or available through a search on Google, you may opt for this premium feature.

Logo Design Contest Sites : FAQ​

A logo contest (also known as a logo design contest) is a design competition you hold to source a business logo design where freelance graphic designers come together and submit awesome designs for your custom graphic design requirement.

Logo contest is essentially a way of crowdsourcing logo design itself. You start by choosing a prize amount for your online logo design contest.

Professional logo designers from around the world participate and submit logos matching the design styles specified in your logo design brief.

Then you screen the designs submitted and choose the best logo design for your business.

Logo contest is a type of design contest itself. A design contest is usually a crowsourced online competition held by somebody who needs a design. It could be a design for a logo(logo contest), a business card, a t-shirt design, a website or one of the many other design contest categories.

Brainstorm and keep at it. You should have an idea how you want the final logo design for your company. The better clarity you have in your head of the end result you want, the better the designs you will be receiving. Get logo design inspirations from multiple sites and you’ll be able to explain your requirements to the designers lot more clearly.

For starting a logo contest, you submit a logo design brief with your requirements on a design crowdsourcing platform, thousands of quality designers compete and you receive dozens of designs to choose from. You can give feedback and request for changes in the submitted designs. You can choose the logo design you like the most as the winner and the winning logo designer gets paid the prize money.

Design Crowd, 99designs & CrowdSpring, all are at par with each other and offer same logo contest features. Your choice should be the one that gives you the best bang for your buck, while offering you a great user experience and lastly, top quality designs. Use our design contest comparison table to choose a logo contest platform that best suits your requirement.

Its a very subjective question because the design requirement varies from person to person. One person may want the best design at any cost, another may want a decent design at a pocket friendly price. To choose what works best for you, check out our logo design comparison section.

After your logo design contest ends, you will receive a custom logo and the copyrights of the same. You will also be provided with industry standard handover files which will be print or online use ready. 

Simply put, you will receive your design files in .jpg & .png format along with your design project files in .ai & .psd formats. These are the industry standard formats for the design files.

Most of the platforms offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the design options you’ve received from your contest, you can always raise a dispute. If you meet all the terms and conditions specified by the design contest site for 100% money refund, you shall receive a full refund for your design contest.

You can simply make your design contest private when launching the same. The designers have to sign a non-disclosure agreement to view your logo design brief. The design brief is also hidden and doesn’t show in any search page results.

Not a problem. If you like more than one logo design from the many logo design submissions to your logo design contest, you can simply select a 2nd or even 3rd winning design. Choose the prize money for the newly selected winning designs and you’re good to go. Alternately, you can even work on a one to one project with any of these designers. If you want a different new design, you may even launch a whole new design contest.

That’s easy. You can just upload the image at the design brief stage. The designers would then use the image and submit the logo designs based around the same.

Yes, most design contest sites provide combo design packs. The most common combo design packs are logo and business card design, logo and social media design as well as logo and brand identity design. Availing combos surely saves you lots of money at the end of the day.

You can absolutely use any of these design contest sites to launch your very own t-shirt design contest as well. Talented graphic designers would provide you with the most eye catchy t-shirt designs for your brand. In fact t-shirt design contest is one of the most commonly launched design contests along with logo design contests.

The client should be happy. Most design contest sites follow this principle. You can get plenty of design revisions on your final design. Every designer’s goal is to satisfy the client with the final design.

Car wrap design contests are buzzing these days with the increase in businesses going for mobile branding. All design contest sites listed in our design comparison section offer the ability to launch a car wrap design contest for your vehicle branding.

Your designer is always available on file in your online dashboard. You can always come back, start a one-on-one project and simply invite your favorite designer to work with you on future projects.

The design and its legal copyrights are yours once you choose a winning design from your design contest. The designer then transfers you all the design files along with a signed design copyright transfer agreement.

A business logo is a company’s identity symbol. Its what gives the first impression about your company to your customers. The best business logos effectively convey your brand values to your customers and creates brand loyalty.

A successful logo has some great qualities, few of which are, its very distinctive, scalable, simple and minimalist in looks and form, and is able to convey the intended message effectively.

There are many ways to design your own logo or getting a logo designed. You may use a logo design software like Photoshop or use an online logo maker. You can also hire a freelance logo designer or a logo design agency to get your logo designed. And one of the simplest ways of getting a logo designed is holding a logo design contest. You can check out the sites features in our logo design comparison section.

There are many ways to design your own logo or getting a logo designed. You may use a logo design software like Photoshop or use an online logo maker. You can hire a logo designer or a logo design agency to get your logo designed. And one of the simplest ways to getting a logo designed is holding a logo design contest.

The most important factors to be considered are money and time. If you’re tight on budget you could a site like fiverr to hire a freelance logo designer on a one to one project but then again you would only receive limited creativity from one person unlike a design contest. Similarly, going with a design agency could cost you a bomb and can be very time consuming as well. Here again, launching a design contest would save you on both time and money fronts.

The design crowdsourcing platforms offer a tremendous global outreach. Therefore, logo contests help you source more number of creative and unique logo designs compared to a single freelance graphic designer.

Also, since the contest participating logo designers are from different ethnicities. Thus the former leaves you with a truly memorable logo design experience.

Not all things free are really great. If you’re looking for a logo design just for fun or your hobby. An online logo maker tool is not a bad choice to go with but if you’re serious about your business or project, we won’t recommend using free logo maker tools. To be able to use the logo you design using the free logo maker, you’d again need to pay a small amount to download the design files. So our recommendation would be, its better you add a little more and launch a design contest instead to receive better quality custom logo designs. Its definitely worth your money as most online logo makers would only give you variations of commonly available clipart images.

Most of the design contest sites offer combos and bundles to help you save money on your favorite designs. You can choose from a brand identity pack, logo and business card pack, social media pack and so much more. Most common is the brand identity pack, which is a business starter pack and helps you launch your brand effortlessly within your budget.

A good company logo communicates the values of your brand instantly and forms a connection with the audience. It makes your brand memorable and gives a feeling to the audience that the product or service is good for them.

You can basically choose one of the design crowdsourcing sites discussed above to hold a logo design contest, or you could try making one yourself using a logo maker. You also have the option of hiring a freelance logo designer from a site like fiverr.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Team Comparingly is committed to helping Startups, Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs in finding the best reviews & comparisons for the services their business needs.



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